Three Types Of Credit Card-Sized Bottle Openers That May Appeal To You

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If you're the type of person who enjoys an occasional cold beverage out of a bottle, it's nice to have a bottle opener handy at all times. A lot of people carry bottle openers on their key chains, but this can add bulk to something that may already be a little uncomfortable in the pocket of your pants. Another option to consider is buying a credit card-sized bottle opener, which you can comfortably carry in your wallet next to your actual cards. As their name suggests, these bottle openers are roughly the size and shape of a credit card. The big difference that you'll notice is that they're made of metal, rather than plastic. Here are three types of credit card-sized bottle openers that may appeal to you.

Custom Printed

Some people get their hands on this type of bottle opener as a customized gift. For example, you might get it from the groom if you're playing the role of an usher at his wedding. In such a scenario, you can expect the bottle opener to have some information etched on it — likely, it will feature your name and the name of the happy couple, as well as the date of the wedding. This can be a sentimental gift that brings up good memories whenever you reach for it to help you open a bottle.

Brewery Promotion

Breweries sell and/or give away a variety of promotional products, including different types of bottle openers. If there's a local brewery that you frequent, take a look to see what bottle openers it has available. There's a chance that it may be selling credit card-sized bottle openers with the brewery name, logo, and contact information displayed on it. If you visit different breweries when you travel, buying this type of product can be an appealing souvenir that serves as a keepsake of your trip and brewery visit.

Multipurpose Tool

You'll also find bottle openers that are one of the functions on a credit card-sized multipurpose tool. These tools are small, metal devices that offer a wide range of functionality. For example, such a tool will typically have different sizes of wrenches, a ruled edge, and other similar tools — including a bottle opener. If you're someone who enjoys carrying devices that can help you in a variety of ways, a multipurpose tool is always a good idea. You can find this type of device online.

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