4 Types Of Beer To Enjoy

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Beer is a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed in many different ways. It can be a casual drink or a classy drink for formal occasions. Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or a new beer drinker, there is a type of beer you can enjoy. Here are four types of beer that exist for your drinking pleasure:

1. Wheat Beer

Wheat beer has a light, clean taste. It is often pale yellow in color. Filtered wheat beers are clear, while unfiltered beers, such as hefeweizens, are cloudy. Wheat beer typically has a nutty, fruity flavor. Beginner beer drinkers may prefer wheat beer for its easy, uncomplicated flavor. You can find wheat beer in both domestic and imported varieties. These beers are a great choice for refreshment on a hot summer day. Wheat beer pairs well with barbecued meat, hamburgers, and hotdogs.

2. India Pale Ale

India pale ales are more commonly known as IPAs. This variety of beer is heavy in hops, one of the key ingredients of beer. IPAs have a high alcohol content and a characteristic bitter flavor. These beers are excellent for sipping slowly. A good IPA is typically amber in color. It tastes best when served cold, although its flavors will grow more pronounced as it steadily warms up.

3. Double IPA

Double IPAs are in the same family as traditional IPAs. Sometimes known as Imperial IPAs, Double IPAs have the highest alcohol content of all, typically containing seven percent alcohol by volume or more. This higher alcohol content is achieved by introducing more mash into the beer during the fermentation stage. A Double IPA is an indulgent treat. These beers are best enjoyed with a hearty meal.

4. Stout

Stout beer is a type of dark beer. It has a distinctive, robust flavor. Some varieties of stout beer taste like coffee or chocolate. Stout beers are excellent for wintertime. They provide a comforting, warming drinking experience. Stout beers typically contain less alcohol by volume than other types of beer. If you'd like to indulge without getting drunk, a stout beer is a good option.

Beer drinkers should be thrilled at the variety of beverages available on the market. From small-batch brewed craft beer to imported beer, there's never been a better time to enjoy all the flavors this drink has to offer. Purchase several different types of beer so you will have the right beer on hand for any occasion.