Tips For Buying Liquor For A Party

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If you're having a party and you plan on serving alcohol, then you'll need to make a visit to the liquor store. Walking the aisles, you may feel a little mystified and unsure of what you should buy. That's when the following tips will come in handy.

Decide beforehand what drinks you plan on mixing.

Before you head to the liquor store, think about what drinks you want to serve at the party. While it is nice to give your guests a few options, you don't necessarily have to offer every single cocktail option. If you offer three different cocktails and wine, that's sufficient in most cases. Do try to choose cocktails made with different liquors so that there's something that appeals to everyone. For instance, don't just plan on three vodka drinks. Plan on one vodka drink, a whiskey drink, and a gin drink. This way, if some guests don't like one of these liquors, they'll still have options.

Set a budget.

It's really easy to walk out of the liquor store having spent more than you planned — especially when you're buying for a party. You can avoid the sticker shock by setting a budget ahead of time. Then, as you walk through the store and buy the liquors on your list, you can choose brands that fit into your budget. For instance, you may buy a top-shelf vodka, but then find you only have $30 left in your budget, so you go middle-of-the-road for the whiskey and rum. (Don't hesitate to buy mid-shelf liquor for a party! Guests will understand if you can't always splurge on the top-shelf option.)

Look for rebates.

As you walk through the liquor store, pay attention to any rebates mentioned on the shelves. If the liquor store you're at does not put rebate information on shelves, ask the cashier about any current rebates that are available. Many rebate programs requite you to buy several bottles to get the money back. And when you're buying for a party, you will often be buying enough to meet the rebate requirements. Most rebates are online these days, so you'll just need to take a picture of your receipt and fill out a short form to get some money back. You can put that money towards having an even better party!

Buying liquor for a party is not as difficult as it may seem. Follow the tips above, and your wallet and guests will all be happy.