Opening A Restaurant? Why You Should Get A Liquor License

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Becoming involved in the restaurant industry is a very daring endeavor. Finding the perfect location, hiring an excellent crew and keeping your facility stocked with everything you need to deliver delicious meals each day can be a difficult but very rewarding task. Although you might have all of the aforementioned bases covered there's one thing you could have forgotten: a liquor license. Obtaining a liquor license can be highly beneficial for your restaurant in several different ways. Find out why you should strive to get a liquor license for your restaurant.

Liquor Bumps Up Profits

If you've ever been out on the town enjoying a tasty dinner with friends, you know just how expensive alcoholic beverages can be. A single drink can sometimes cost almost as much as the price you would pay for an entire bottle of wine from a grocery store!

Nevertheless, you buy the drink anyway and enjoy the feelings that come from it. Social drinking isn't about the cost:  It's about the experience. That's why people are willing to pay those high prices for their favorite drinks.

Now, look at it from the house perspective. Each time a customer purchases a drink it bumps up the total amount of their ticket. Selling liquor can bring in a lot of money, especially if you're able to find a great bartender who really knows how to mix the drinks well. You will most likely have more profits selling liquor than you would if you only stuck with non-alcoholic drinks.

Liquor Licenses Bring In The Crowd

It's also good to have a liquor license because you want to be as all-inclusive as possible. You wouldn't want to have a group of people come in for a meal and a few members of the party decide that they don't want to stay because you don't serve alcohol. You could have possibly just missed out on a huge tab that would have been great for business. If you have the license, you'll be able to provide drinks for anyone who wants them. This opens you up for more business and helps to keep those crowds coming in.

The requirements for getting and keeping a liquor license vary by state. It can sometimes take a little while before you are granted the license, so you should get to work on it right away. Contact the alcoholic beverage authority or an Alcoholic Beverage License Service in your state to find out what you need to do to begin the process.