Helpful Tips For Drinking Rum

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You might not be new to enjoying alcohol, but you still might not know a lot about rum. If this is the case, then you might be looking for a little bit of advice about drinking this alcoholic beverage. Although different people like to enjoy rum in different ways, you might find that the tips below will help you when you're giving it a try. Soon, you might find that rum is your favorite alcoholic beverage to enjoy.

Buy a Good-Quality Rum

As is the case with most types of alcohol, you will probably find that you will have the best experience if you purchase a good-quality rum. Consider looking for an aged rum for the best flavor, for example, and consider going with a more high-end brand. You may want to try purchasing a couple of smaller bottles of different types of rums so that you can try different types and choose your favorite.

Enjoy the Smell

You might have heard of people sniffing their wine or other types of alcohol, but you might have never done this yourself. However, when you pour your rum in a glass, consider swirling it around gently and taking in the aroma. Many people love the way that a good-quality rum smells, and this can be a great way to enjoy the full experience.

Drink It Without a Mixer

You might usually like to have mixed drinks when you drink liquor, but you should at least try your rum on its own. You can drink it on its own in a short glass or shot glass, or you can pour it over ice. When you choose to drink rum this way, you will probably want to take small sips; then, you can experience the flavor without experiencing as much of the burn or intoxication.

Learn How to Make a Nice Mixed Drink

You might not like to drink your rum on its own or on the rocks, or you might just be willing to try something different. Luckily, rum can be mixed with other beverages to make a really tasty mixed drink. You might like it mixed with cola with a splash of lime juice, for example, or you can even try it with apple juice or ginger ale. Consider experimenting with a few different mixed drinks to find the flavor that you like best.

If you are new to drinking rum -- or if you never really enjoyed drinking it in the past -- then you might want to try the advice above. Soon, you might find that you really like drinking rum, and you might even prefer it over other types of liquors and alcoholic beverages.

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